Educating our Clients for Stress-Free Negotiations

Atexperience-featured Massaro Properties, LLC, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients. Oftentimes, we will meet with our tenants and begin the process of a relocation or renewal even if their need is not immediate. The goal is to educate and inform existing and prospective tenants in order to ensure they are making the best decisions for their business.  And that they are comfortable with the decisions they make.

Good information will prepare them for the market conditions and common practices for when they are ready to make a leasing decision.  Some examples are of the knowledge we share are: terms, notice periods, confessions of judgment, escalations, right-of-expansion, right-of-termination, option to buy (entire building or condominium unit), subrogation of insurance, estoppel, build out allowances, landlord’s work, tenant’s work, amortization of improvements, lease subject to mortgage, remedies, financial qualifications, security deposits, prorata pass and operating expense increases.

If a client is educated on these issues and there are no surprises, their relocation or renewal can be stress-free, which is our goal at Massaro Properties, LLC.


Article by Lisa M. Tiche, Sales Associate


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