Tenant Retention is a High Priority in Our Business

Tenant Retention

Being a Landlord Representative, for more than 500,000 rentable square feet of property at Massaro Properties, LLC., requires a great deal of attention to detail and customer service. Lease renewals are a large component of our business.  We value our tenants and treat them with the importance they deserve.  As such, we have certain strategies in place to ensure our overall tenant retention.

Once a new tenant signs a lease in one of our buildings, communication does not end there. It is a continued relationship between tenant and landlord representative.  We check in regularly to see if a tenant has a need and how to facilitate such needs in a timely manner.  We follow up to see if it was taken care of to their satisfaction. We also hold bi-yearly tenant appreciate events, and send out tenant newsletters and surveys to see where we can improve from not only a leasing prospective, but a management prospective as well. Although we are always striving to improve upon these strategies, we were happy to have a 91% tenant retention rate in 2014 going into 2015.



Article by Lisa M. Fiumara, Sales Associate